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Guardian Homes

To be able to carry on with our breeding lines, we need to find suitable Guardian homes for future breeding sires and dams.

Our Guardian Home Program allows future breeding dogs to live as a loved family member. We first started the Guardian program so that no dog has to ever end up living in a kennel or be sold off when they 'retire'. It is paramount to us that dogs live indoors within a loving home, this way they have forever homes and a wonderful family from the very start.

How the Guardian Program works


Guardian dogs would be our pick of the litter puppies. They have been chosen because of their looks, temperament,  and because we believe they would do well in our breeding program. 

The Guardian dog's health tests and all breeding related costs are covered by us. This also includes spaying the dog when she retires. All day to day expenses regarding to the dog will be covered by the owners. 


The puppy would be bought by you at the same price as their litter mates. 

If the dam passes her health tests she would be expected to have two litters with us, a third at your discretion. Dams would be able to have their 1st litter around 2 years old and can mate again on their second season after having a litter. While the dam is staying with us in our family home, we would supply all her food. On the dam's first and second litter, we would pay you 15% of the total of the litter. Dams will need to stay with us for a few days when she is in season to be mated with a stud dog of our choosing. She will then come back to us about a week before her due date and will stay with us until the puppies are 8 weeks old.

If having a Guardian dog sounds like something that would appeal to you, please get in touch. 

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