The Nursery

The dates below are when we are planning to have litters with our dogs.


The dates are approximate, so if you are interested please get in touch via the contact form at the bottom of the page.

Update - September 2021

Sheepadooodles - We do not currently have any Sheepadoodle puppies available.

Unfortunately due to the BVA health screening closing their scheme over Covid, we will not be able to proceed with our Sheepadoodle litters over 2021. We will not be opening a Sheepadoodle waiting list until we are confident that we can full-fill the requirements.

Goldendoodles - We do not breed Goldendoodles, we do however breed Double-Doodles (Goldendoodle X Labradooodle) although we are not planning any Double-Doodle litters in 2021.

Labradoodles - Our 2021 Labradoodle waiting lists are now full. However, due to the fact that we only keep short waiting lists, if there is a large litter we may have availability. 

Once we know exact numbers we will update our website with any news or you are welcome to join our general waiting list. Those families on our general waiting list will be given first refusal of any available puppy and will be first to be notified of any up coming litters.

Available Puppies / Litters

All our puppies, other than our Guardian dogs, are sold with a legally binding, non-breeding contract. 

Elodie X Winston

Type: Large Medium - Standard size Double-Doodles.

Born: 5th of May 2021.

Ready for their new homes from: 21st of July 2021.

DetailsWe have two females with improper coats (IC) available.

We also have one, female Guardian with a curly coat available. For more information about our Guardian program, please click here.

Myrtle X Rupert

Type: Australian Labradoodle

Born: 26th of June 2021.

Size: Medium - Large Medium (between 17"- 19" from front paw to shoulder blade).

Coat: Low moulting, Wavy.

Ready for their new homes: 13th of September 2021.

Details: One Male and one Female puppy available. Both pups are predominately white in colour with coloured patches (extreme Parti).