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Health testing 

Here at Bouncy-Doodles we take our responsibilities as a breeder very seriously, we therefore believe in only breeding from dogs that have been thoroughly health tested.


Why are health tests important?

Breeding two seemingly 'healthy' dogs doesn't mean that the pair will create healthy puppies! Without health tests and genetic tests, it is a gamble to say the least.

As a standard, all breeding dogs should be tested for hips and elbows (either scored by the BVA, OFA, PenHip or VetScoring), have a clear / no abnormalities annual eye test done by a BVA specialist and have a large selection of genetic tests done on both of the parents.


As a responsible breeder, we want to ensure that we have screened for an extensive list of breed specific health conditions and genetic diseases in both our sires and dams. We do everything in our power to genetically check the dogs that we breed. These checks enable us to make decisions about which dogs to mate to reduce and eliminate the risk of any inherited diseases. We have incredibly high standards and any question marks for us will mean that we will not breed with that dog! 

Our puppies parents' health certificates will be made available for you to view when you collect your puppy.

The breeding dog vet check.


The health of our dogs always comes first! We will only consider breeding from dogs that are in great health and our vet has given us the go ahead. Our dogs are health checked prior to breeding, once their puppies are born, and again after they have finished weaning their puppies, to ensure they remain in the very best of health. 


Puppy vet checks.


Our puppies will have been seen by our vet at least twice before leaving us for their new homes. Our vet will be checking the puppies for heart defects, joint problems and hernias. Our vet will also check their overall health condition including weight, ears, eyes, teeth, genitals and inside the mouth. 


You will receive a letter in your Puppy Folder from our vet confirming the puppy is fit, healthy and of no concern before being purchased. If your own vet finds a health problem during their initial examination, you can return the puppy to us within 7 days for a full refund. 

Puppy BVA eye test.


All of our puppies will be taken to see an eye specialist between 8 and 9 weeks old to be screened for any eye abnormalities, which includes puppy cataracts, multifocal retinal dysplasia and problems with in growing eyelashes.


We will be given a certificate on the day of the appointment, which will be copied and placed in your Puppy Folder.

BAER hearing test.

For further reassurance to our new owners and to ensure we are keeping to our heigh health testing standards, all our puppies are given a BAER (Brainstem Auditory Evoked Response) test to check their hearing ahead of leaving us for their new homes. The test checks if the brain responds to noise (which is usually a clicking sound) and is a reliable way to see if a puppy is deaf in one, or both, ears and to what extent. 

Each puppy is given a certificate of their test, which will be copied and placed in your Puppy Folder.


A microchip is an electronic device that is implanted under your pet's skin at the back of their neck. It is very small, about the same size as a grain of rice, and has a unique 15-digit number that can be read using a special scanner. From April 2016 it became a legal requirement for all dogs to be microchipped and contact details up-to-date. 

Emma has been trained in Microchipping with Peddymark (Animal Tracker) and will microchip each puppy between 6-8 weeks old, fully registering each puppy with their owner's details before they leave for their new home.


Worms are parasites that can live inside your puppy’s body, they can be unpleasant and make your puppy very unwell, but with the right treatment this can be avoided. The worming treatment that our vet prescribes is called "Panacure" and it will be administered from three weeks of age.


We also ensure our puppies are parasite free by taking faecal samples and sending them to our vet to be tested shortly before they leave us for their new homes, you will receive a copy of the results in your Puppy Folder.

Moulting and allergies.


Although our breeding dogs are low moulting and chosen for their type of coat, we cannot guarantee what our puppies' coats will be like as adults, even from a repeat mating.

We have had a lot of success homing puppies with families with mild to severe allergies, but every allergy is different and we cannot be held responsible for puppies bought for family members with allergies.

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