Acral Mutilation Syndrome (AMS)

Acral Mutilation Syndrome (AMS) is an inherited sensory neuropathy disorder affecting several sporting breeds.


The disease is characterised by insensitivity to pain in the feet ( acral analgesia ) which can be associated with sudden and intense licking, biting and severe self-mutilation of the feet, while proprioception, motor abilities and spinal reflexes remain intact.

Affected puppies look smaller than their healthy littermates.

Symptoms maybe followed by further complications such as infections, ulceration, nail loss, swollen paws and fractures.

Age of onset: 3-12 months


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11.10.20 UPDATE

As a reminder below is our current situation: 

We closed our contact page due to the large volume of enquiries, but will be back online on the 16th of October!

Australian Labradoodles

We are looking for a Guardian family for a female puppy from Bonnie and Rupert's litter. We have limited availability for litters due in early 2021.


We currently do not have any available Sheepadoodles. We hope to have Sheepdoodle puppies sometime in 2021, but will not be opening a new waiting list for the time being. 

Im afraid we do not breed Goldendoodles.

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