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New Born Puppies

I am delighted to let you know that Penny has safely delivered her puppies.

Penny has 4 girls and 5 boys in her litter - over the years we have had heavy boy litters, so a nice even mix of genders is a lovely surprise for us!

Her puppies are absolutely beautiful! The pups colours are black, chocolate and caramel - the puppies have varying amounts of white markings... aren't they just amazing!!


Penny didn’t have any obvious signs that she was on the verge of going into labour until the night of her delivery. Her first puppy was delivered at 1.05am and her last at 4.25am - this is a very speedy delivery as there can be hours between each puppy being born.

Penny had a brilliant labour, she was very relaxed and calm, from start to finish everything went smoothly. All the pups were born healthy, a good weight and all had a good pair of lungs on them.

The first 7 days are the most critical in any young puppies development. The puppies can’t regulate their own temperature and are born with their eyes and ears closed. They are completely dependent on their mother for everything even going to the toilet as they can’t do this without their mother licking their bottom to stimulate them.


Emma xx

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