Four Weeks Old

Four Weeks Old ️

Another week older and growing at a rapid pace!

Everyone is well and oh so gorgeous! They are now pottering around, although still a little wobbly and face plants are quite common. They look far more like little doggies now instead of scrunched up baby bundles and they are becoming more aware of their surroundings and new things.

The puppies still spend most of the day asleep (between 18 and 20 hours a day!). Autumn still chooses to spend most of the time with her pups, especially during the night. The pups have also now had a three day course of wormer, which I can honestly say they hated!

The puppies have a lot happening over the next week -

Firstly, at this age our puppies normally move rooms, however they are staying put for the time being.

We will introduce them to a litter tray and will be teaching them how to use it. Hopefully in a few weeks time the puppies will have mastered this and will be doing their wees and poos in the tray.

The puppies are going to the vets for a heath check on Friday - normally we vaccinate the puppies with Parvo, however I have decided not to proceed with it for the moment as they are small in size. The dose of the vaccination isn't governed by the weight of the dog - a tiny puppy would be given the same amount as a large adult dog, so we will wait a bit and proceed with the vaccination sometime after Christmas. The puppies will then be seen again by our vet when they are 10 weeks old for a final health check and their Distemper, Hepatitis and Parvovirus vaccination.

We have just started to wean the puppies - I don’t normally enjoy this bit as the lovely clean puppies overnight become messy and covered in food as they like to lie, walk and roll around in their meals until they learn how to eat nicely. For the first time in their life, they have also learned how to drink water, as before this Autumn has provided all their hydration in her milk.

Keeping the puppies with us for much longer means that we don’t need to encourage the mummies to stop feeding them their milk - so Autumn is able to freely come and go to feed them when she pleases. Some of our dogs have chosen to stop feeding their pups at 5 weeks old, while others (like Elodie with her most recent litter) have carried on until her puppies were 10 - 11 weeks old!

Emma xx

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