What are you looking for in a new owner?

We are looking for loving and enthusiastic owners who are able to provide adequate time to train, exercise and socialise their dog.


Puppies in particular require a lot of patience and understanding, people describe having a young puppy like having a newborn baby in the house - they are not wrong!

You do not need to have past experience with dogs, lots of our new owners have never owned a dog before, we are here to offer as much help and support as you need any time of the day.

Do you have a waiting list?

Yes we keep a limited waiting list which enables serious prospective new puppy owners the opportunity to secure a puppy from us.


How does your waiting list work?

To be considered for our Waiting List we would ask for you to get in touch with us, giving us as much information about yourself,  your set up and what you're looking for in a dog.

Once we review this, and if we feel this is something we can help you with, we always like to talk on the phone. This way we can both ask questions and feel comfortable with each other - it's important that we find the very best homes for our puppies and equally as important that you feel that we are the type of breeder you have been looking for.

If both parties are happy to proceed, we ask for £100 for you to be placed on the Waiting List, this will be deducted from the final payment. The deposit is not refundable unless we have not been able to provide you with a suitable puppy within 18 months of your deposit being received. 

We are on the waiting list, now what?

How very exciting! We will make you aware of all our potential litters that may be of interest to you, and keep you updated with their progress. You are also welcome to ask us questions or speak on the phone at any time.

You will also be added to our private Facebook group where you will be able to see current and past puppies. You will be able to see the announcements of a confirmed pregnancy, the birth of our puppies and regular photo and video updates as the puppies grow and reach important milestones.


How do we place a deposit on a puppy?

Once the puppies are between 8 and 9 weeks old and have been health checked and health tested, we ask for a deposit of £250 to be placed on a puppy of choice before a first viewing. 

We ask you to place a deposit on a puppy of choice as generally our puppies find homes very quickly, but not everyone can come and choose on a specific weekend as they may be away at the time etc. This way you have a choice of dog and when you come to view, you can swap with any other available puppy. 

Because we keep the puppies for longer, we can better advise you on personality to suit your family, as well as coat type and potential size of the dog. 

The £250 deposit is 100% refundable up to 24hrs after your first visit if for whatever reason the puppy, or even us as breeders, aren't quite right for your family.

When can we view the puppies'?

We allow puppy viewings once the puppies are about 9 weeks old and once a deposit has been placed.


Your puppy will be vaccinated against Distemper, Hepatitis and the Parvovirus (DHP) - the core vaccinations - and be fully protected by the time they leave us.

Following the guidance of the vaccination manufacturers, if a puppy is 10 weeks old or older, one vaccination provides FULL immunity.

We do not believe in needlessly over vaccinating dogs /puppies, particularly yearly boosters, which can cause cause major health problems in dogs. Going forwards we strongly advise a blood test called a 'Titre Test' to check your dogs' actual immunity against these diseases. This test means you can make an informed decision when it comes to boosters based on your dogs actual immunity and not the vet's diary.

Vaccination manufacturers' guidelines for vaccinating puppies clearly state: "A single injection should establish active immunity in dogs of 10 weeks of age or older. Where earlier protection is required a first dose may be given to puppies from 6 weeks of


Other breeders allow puppy visits from about 4 weeks old, but we believe not only is there a high risk of bringing bacteria to very young puppies with weak immune systems, but it is also very stressful for the mother to have strangers in the house and for them to be moving around her babies. 

Can we view the puppies parents?

Yes absolutely, we would be offended if you weren't interested in meeting our wonderful mummies, they deserve a lot of attention after all the time and dedication they have put into raising their beautiful pups!

Most of the time we use our own stud dogs, so you will be able to meet daddy too - but in some situations we may have used stud dogs that we do not own, of course if this is the case we will not have the father here to view. 

When can I bring my puppy home?


You will be able to bring your puppy home once they are 11 weeks old and have been fully vaccinated.


What vaccinations will my puppy have had?

age, but because maternally derived passive antibody can interfere with the response to vaccination a final dose should be given i.e.at 10 weeks of age or older."

We do not vaccinate our dogs or puppies with Lepto 2 or 4. This is an extremely controversial vaccination that in our opinion offers very little to no protection and comes with more health risks than it solves.

When can I start to socialise and walk my puppy?

Straight away! Because our puppies will be fully vaccinated when you bring them home at 11 weeks old, you can start the incredibly important job of socialising your puppy to new sights, sounds, environments and other dogs and pets.

It's very important not to over exercise your puppy before their joints have fused together. Unfortunately over exercise can cause irreversible damage which includes dysplasia and deformities. Regarding walking, the rule of thumb is 5 minutes of exercise for every month of your puppy's life, up to twice a day on soft ground. So for a 3-month old puppy they must only be walked for 15 minutes, twice a day! 

What items do I need to buy before I bring my puppy home?

We provide a number of items that you will need for your new member of the family in your Puppy Pack, but we also email you a Puppy Check List with suggestions of items we feel are important to buy or think about before you collect your pup.

What type of food should I buy?

Your puppy will have been weaned onto the raw diet from 3 weeks of age, we provide enough food to cover the first 10 days that your puppy is with you. It is important that you continue to feed them the food we have provided, they will have experienced a lot of change over that first week, which can be incredibly stressful for them, the last thing they need is a change of diet which can also create upset tummies! 

We highly recommend you continue to feed your dog a raw diet throughout their life, which consists of meat, vegetables and fruit! The raw diet is species appropriate and "fresh", unlike the commercially processed dry pet foods which can cause obesity, chronic digestive problems, kidney disease, allergies and cancer! A nutritious diet is key to a good immune system and a healthy dog . I am always shocked when people look for a cheap alternative to feed their beloved member of the family, but when you calculate how much they are willing to spend a day, it's the equivalent of a roll of toilet paper! We understand the importance of a healthy diet and good quality food, it is as important to them as it is to us!

We use several different raw diet suppliers, the food is bought online and sent straight to your door frozen. The food we buy is already pre-prepared, we just defrost the tub over night and spoon it straight into our dogs' bowls when its food time - easy!

How toilet trained will my puppy be when I take them home?

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Your puppy will have a good understanding of toilet training by the time they leave us!


We start toilet training with the puppies from two weeks of age with puppy pads, and eventually get them used to going to the toilet outside. You must expect accidents while they are very young and the occasional accident even up to a year old. Getting a good toilet routine in place from day one is key to successfully toilet training your dog.

How much grooming will my puppy need?

You will need to set a consistent grooming routine for your dog. You can either go DIY style, which I am happy to give advice about, or use a professional groomer every 4 - 6 weeks. However, the coats of all of our dogs will need proper brushing between grooms. Groomers cannot work magic, if your dog becomes matted they will have to be clipped short.

Will my puppy come with a contract?

Yes, all of our puppies leave us with a contract.


Our contract is in the interest of both parties and for the wellbeing and future of the dog. This is a strict no breeding contract, which also covers key things like if your dog needs to be re-homed in the future, or the circumstances under which the puppy may be returned within a week for a full refund, if your vet finds any health related problem that we did not have diagnosed prior to them leaving us.

How important is pet insurance?

We do our very best to breed healthy dogs, but we cannot guarantee the health of your dog forever more, this is why pet insurance is very important! Our puppies leave us with 4 weeks' free pet insurance with Petplan, when that comes to an end it is up to you to provide appropriate cover for your dog against illness and injury. 

How can I settle my puppy into their new home?

We provide a detailed Puppy Folder and Information Pack that provides you with a puppy routine, lots of useful tips and advice regarding how to settle your puppy, as well as a number of important subjects like crate training, toilet training, walking, socialising, grooming etc.

Our puppy handover can take up to a couple of hours. We spend a lot of time going through the Folder, the detailed Information Pack and how to use the items in your Puppy Pack . We also show you how to groom your dog and some basic training. We want to make sure that you feel confident when bringing your puppy home and that you have had any questions answered.

What will be in my Puppy Folder and Information Pack?

Some of the items included in our Puppy Folder and Information Pack are - a full set of grooming tools, a folder with all of your puppys' personal information which is also packed full to the brim with helpful content that will guide you through, not only the first few days, but years of your dogs' life.

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More information on our puppy packs can be found at the bottom of " The Nursery" page.

How do we contact you?

You can make contact with us by calling the number provided on our website or sending us a message via our contact form. When making contact with us for the first time, please do tell us a little about yourself, your set up and what type of dog you're looking for. 

We look forward to hearing from you!