Seven Weeks Old

Seven Weeks Old ️

Everyone is doing beautifully - the puppies are bulking out and their lovely coats are developing nicely. You can probably see such a difference in their looks over the last few weeks, they really are beautiful pups!

We have had another successful week - everyone is now microchipped and have been registered in my name. When the puppies are about to leave us for their new families I will change the details of their microchip into their new owners name.

As well as new fruit, vegetables and offal to try each day, we have provided them with some new natural chews to explore.

We highly recommend antlers from Green and Wilds (we have a 10% discount for you, just follow the link on the litters home page). We recommend small - medium and also the antlers that have been cut in half to expose the bone marrow.

There are also many dried treats and chews that I recommend but below are some of our firm favourites here :

*Hooves - although just to warn you they sometimes have a certain smell when they get wet.
*Chicken feet - don’t worry these are dried!
*Tripe sticks.
*Beef jerky.
*Rabbit skin - anything with fur or feathers still attached they can eat and is good as a natural dewormer.
*Cow, lamb or pigs ears.

*Cow and goat horn's.

Click here for where I buy natural chews for our dogs.

Please stay well clear from Raw Hide and make sure anything you buy is naturally dried with no colours or preservatives.

I had really hoped that the pups would have been outside enjoying the astroturfed puppy pen over the last week, but the weather here has been horrendous.


We do not allow the puppies onto the grass until they are 11 weeks old, vaccinated and fully immune. We are very fortunate and have a lot of land, which also attracts lots of wildlife. Unfortunately wild animals can carry diseases that dogs can catch - as the puppies aren’t fully vaccinated, if they catch these diseases it can make them very poorly and at worse could be fatal.

We actually vaccinate differently to vets recommendations and instead follow the manufacturers guidelines. We do not believe vets are out to harm your pets, but we have found over the years that vets are generally ill informed when it comes to vaccinations or understanding how immunity works.

We are passionate about vaccinating properly and responsibly and have created some information about vaccinations for you to read - we will be attaching links to this information on Elodie's litters home page this week.


Please do take the time to have a read through the information that we provide and let me know if you have any questions. It is highly likely your vet will challenge you on vaccinations, so it’s important to be knowledgeable so you can make an informed decision for your dog’s wellbeing.

Emma xx

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