One Week Old

One week old already! ️

Harriet has been a wonderful mummy, this is her first litter yet she fully knows what she needs to do to care for her babies! Mother Nature and animal instinct is an incredible thing to watch.

Harriet is settled and happy to nurse and care for her puppies. Her weight and food intake is great and she is drinking well.

For the next few weeks, Harriet will spend all day with her pups only nipping out for the toilet. Harriet is very protective of her pups and won’t let any other dog near them - if they get too close to her she tells them off. We have kept the door shut to our bedroom so she has peace and quiet through out the day and night.

The litter are just beautiful, their little faces are heart melting and their colours are gorgeous.

Their eyes and ears are still fully closed, but as we get close to two weeks old, we start to celebrate eyes opening.

The puppies sleep all day and night, only waking to feed. I have to do very little in the way of caring for them in these early days, but every day for the first week the puppies are checked over, weighed and made sure that they are keeping a good body temperature.

We keep a very close eye on their weight as a drop in weight can be a warning that things aren’t quite right, also if they aren’t gaining enough weight we can give a helping hand by supplementing their food with some formula milk. Their temperature is also of huge importance as puppies cannot regulate their body temperature until they are about 2 1/2 weeks old. If a puppy gets too cold it will stop feeding, it’s digestive system will stop and it’s body functions will start to fail.

Their pink noses and pads on their feet have already changed colour to black. For some pups the pigment in the skin turns from pink to black quickly, others may take a while to develop or not at all. 

Emma xx

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