Your Puppy Pack

We have created a lovely bundle of items for you to take home on handover day. We hope that this page will help guide you through our puppy folders as well as the various items in your puppy pack, however, if you have any further questions please do message us!

Puppy Pack:

With our new owners and pups in mind, we have created a substantial puppy pack filled with all the essential items to get you started. After years of owning and breeding Doodles, we have only added items into our packs that we have tried and tested on our own dogs over the years.

Personal Folder:

Our puppies leave us with their own personal folder. The folder holds all the practical information that you will need for your puppy over the next few days and months.


In this folder you will find our contract, invoice, puppy routine, microchip information, vaccination card, Petplan insurance, vets letter of health, results of the puppys health checks / tests, as well as other general information.

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Grooming Kit:

Grooming is an important part of owning a Doodle and without regular brushing of their coat, nasty mats will start to form - but it's not only their coats that you will have to dedicate time to. Our grooming kits have everything to keep their coats knot free but also many items for their general care and wellbeing. 

Raw Food:

Our puppies have been weaned and raised on a 100% raw and natural diet. There are many great raw food suppliers out there, however we think Able is one of the best! Our puppies will leave us with a box of Able raw food and a £10 discount to get you started.

Treats And Chews:

Our puppies leave us with a selection of training treats and a chew. All the treats that we use are 100% natural and you can purchase these items using a discount from our voucher page.

Clicker And Whistle:

Have you heard of clicker or whistle training? If not then you really should consider it for your new puppy as we cannot recommend it enough.

We have provided you with both a clicker and whistle in your puppy pack - happy training!

Puppy Collar:

We have a selection of handmade collars to choose from on puppy handover. We hope that your puppys collar will last for many months before you need to upgrade it for something bigger.