Puppy Choosing

It’s nearly time to start the very exciting process of puppy choosing!

We will be holding back two Guardians from this litter for our Guardian Program.

Firstly, just before choosing begins I will send you our Puppy Contract to have another look through, please do have a good read and let us know if you have any questions. The contract will be emailed to you ahead of handover for you to digitally sign and then send back to us.

If you haven’t already, we will ask you to send us a copy of either a driving license or passport and a utility bill when you have chosen your puppy. Please understand the only reason why we ask for these is for the protection of our puppies.

If you’re happy with our Puppy Contract and are keen to proceed, we will ask you confirm this in writing on the day of puppy choosing, specifically acknowledging that you have read and understood the non-breeding and spay / neuter section.

At 6pm on Sunday the 16th I will send the puppies profiles to each family individually in the order of where they are placed on our waiting list. We ask each family to make a decision within 3 hours of receipt of the available puppy options (between the hours of 11am and 11pm). We do this to try and keep things moving and to be fair to everyone else on the waiting list who is excited to choose their puppy.


So for example - 

- At 6pm family 1 and 2 will be told who their Guardian puppy will be.

- Then family 3 will be sent the remaining available puppy profiles, they will have 3 hours to choose their puppy, once family 3 has picked their pup we will remove their chosen puppys profile from the list.

- We will then send family 4 the remaining puppy profiles, family 4 will have 3 hours to choose their puppy, once they have chosen, the remaining profiles will then be sent to family no 5, and so on.

If a family has been sent the puppy profiles at 9.15pm (taking into account our 11am - 11pm choosing hours) they will have until 12.15pm the following day to tell us their choice of puppy.


In the past we have found that some families confirm their choice of puppy within a few minutes of receiving the profiles, and some families require the whole 3 hours - we will keep everyone fully updated throughout the process so you will roughly know when the profiles will be sent to you.


Puppy profiles can be sent via email or WhatsApp, please let us know your preference.

Regarding our puppy profiles:

Any information we provide about the puppies is our own personal view. The profiles will cover -

Coat type: The puppies are growing and changing daily, their coats will continue to change, develop and even potentially change colour up until they are two years old.

Our adult dogs are low moulting, no dog is 100% non-moulting!


This means that our dogs don’t shed / moult, but their hair will come away and sit in their coat. Luckily you won’t be forever hoovering the hair off the furniture and your floor, but without regular brushing this will cause your dog to have a matted coat. As the ’puppy coat’ changes into an adult coat, you may find that your pups coat will shed a little, but their coat will thicken as they get older.

We will be able to give you an idea of what their coat may end up like as an adult, but we cannot guarantee coat type.

Wavy or curly: Generally if you’re looking for a Doodle puppy and want to reduce the risk of bringing home a dog that may potentially moult, you are advised to choose a very curly looking puppy. This litter of puppies are multi-generational Cockapoo X multi-generational Australian Labradoodle, the wavy coats will be just as low moulting as the ringlet or curly coats. So it will mainly come down to your preference!

Personality: All of the puppies are gorgeous, playful, affectionate and will be amazing family dogs! This is a lovely litter of pups and they are all individually wonderful, but the puppies are still so young and their personalities are still developing. The information we provide will be just small things that we have noticed about them, it does not mean that the puppy will be like this forever more. A huge amount of their personality will come down to the training you put in place once they are in their new home and for the rest of their life.

We cannot emphasis enough the importance of training, socialising and having boundaries and manners!

A well rounded adult dog requires a lot of time, work and commitment. Consistent training and socialising is required for the first ‘two years’ of their life for a well balanced and social dog.

Size: It can take up to 18 / 24 months for your dog to become an adult, mentally and physically. Dogs generally grow quickly until they are 6 months old and then their growth slows down. By the time your dog is about 7 months old they will have pretty much reached their full adult height and after this we tend to find that they ’bulk out’ a little. 

Choosing the smallest puppy / largest puppy of the litter doesn’t always mean they will be the smallest / largest dog from the litter when fully grown. Sometimes this is absolutely the case and sometimes the smallest can end up being the largest of the litter as an adult.

We can give you a rough idea of size, but this isn’t guaranteed. You must be comfortable with both of the parents heights.

Health: We will provide information about each of the puppies health. We are always overly vigilant regarding the puppies health, fitness and body condition, we are open and honest about anything we may spot or notice and will put this in our health summary section of each puppy profile.

The puppies will have their last vet visit and their DHP vaccination on Friday the 21st of January.

When you collect your puppy to take home, your puppy will be fully immune to Distemper, Hepatitis and the Parvovirus. Your puppy will not need any further vaccinations which means that you will be able to socialise and walk your puppy straight away, although we do recommend waiting a couple of days once home so that they get used to their new home and family.

£250 ‘Puppy Of Choice’ deposit: This deposit will be needed within 24hrs
of choosing the puppy you wish to offer a home to and will need to be sent via bank transfer. This deposit will secure your chosen pup, your puppy will then not be made available to anyone else on the waiting list.

The price of Autumn and Walter's puppies are £2,450.

The £250 Puppy Of Choice and the £100 Waiting List deposit will be deducted from the final invoice leaving a balance of £2,100.

The final balance is payable either in cash on handover or bank transfer 24hrs prior to handover. If you would prefer to pay by cash, please do let us know in advance.

Bank details are:
Emma Macri-Waller

Available dates: We would have loved for you to come and visit your new puppy and us but due to Covid we will not be able to meet with anyone in our home. So instead we will be carrying out video viewings or we can send you some videos of your puppy. We try and be as flexible as possible and are happy to speak with you on a week day, evening or weekend, but we are a very busy household with an incredibly long morning routine and unfortunately we cannot accept video viewings before 12.00pm.

Puppy handover: Your puppy will be able to leave us one week from their vaccinations from Friday the 28th of January.

It’s incredibly important that your puppy leaves us within a week of the date that we release them so that they can start their training, bonding and settling into their new home. If you are unable to collect your puppy and need us to hang on to your pup for longer, we kindly ask for boarding rates of £15 a day commencing one week after the puppy is able to leave us.

Emma xx