Three Weeks Old

Three Wonderful Weeks Old.

It’s been a good week here for the pups, Smudge has continued to be a wonderful mum and her puppies are just amazing. She is still feeding and caring for them around the clock and chooses to spend all her time with them.... no wonder they are so chunky, particularly Purple Collar!

Everyone is well and progressing and developing as they should. They are so scrummy and definitely look like well cared for pups.

The puppies are just delightful! They still spend most of their life asleep, only waking to eat or for a minute or two when I need to change the bedding, take photos or check their health.

Their legs are getting stronger... they can now get their tummies clear from the bedding - they are staggering around the whelping box instead of wriggling. The puppies do not have any teeth yet, but over the following week we may be able to see some little puppy teeth start to appear through their gums.

We generally start introducing raw food paste around week 3 or week 4.

The age that we start this is different for each litter, we generally start weaning early for larger litters, to give a helping hand to mum as it can take a lot out of her, or if we feel that the puppies aren’t putting on as much weight as we would like so we can control the amount that they are eating.

As Smudge is doing so well with the feeding of her puppies, the pups are putting on an incredible amount of weight (her own weight is also perfect) and everyone is happy and content, we will aim to start weaning Smudge’s puppies at around 4 weeks old.

The puppies are still currently living in our living room, I hope to move them to a puppy pen in the games room in the next few weeks.

Normally our puppies first health check and Parvovirus vaccination would be due in the next week. However, as these puppies are smaller in breed size, we will be delaying their vaccination until they are closer to 6 weeks old. The reason for this is that the vaccination quantity is the same for a tiny puppy as it is for a standard size adult dog, so we are cautious that we don't overload their immune system too soon and give them a better opportunity to recover.

Emma xx

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