Two Weeks Old

The puppies are two weeks old! Everyone has their eyes open which is so exciting - although their eyes are now fully developed, their sight will be very limited and fuzzy for a while yet. Green Collar was the first to open his eyes, closely followed by Red Collar.

They are still unable to hear, but their ears will start to clear over the next week. We always know when this starts to happen as they start testing their little voice by making growling noises and they wake up when you enter the room.

The puppies spend 90% of their life sleeping and they are fed by Smudge every couple of hours throughout the day and night. Smudge still stimulates them to go to the toilet by licking them and they are still unable to regulate their temperature and huddle together or next to mummy to keep warm.

They wriggle on their tummy to move around as their little legs aren’t able to fully support their weight.

Smudge is still being an incredible mummy. She is so attentive, calm and happy for me to move the puppies around for checks and weighing as long as I put them back safely - her eyes watched over me when I held her pups in the early days and she was anxious if I needed to move the pup away from her, but she is less concerned now.

She spends all day and night with her puppies, but is happy to leave them for a moment to come and say hi and have a cuddle.

The whelping box in our living room, the puppies will be raised here until we move them to a puppy pen in the games room (the busiest and noisiest room in our house). We normally do this between week 4 - 6 when the pups are more aware of their surroundings and mummy dog is relaxed and has a good routine in place.

Emma xx

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