Five Weeks Old

The fabulous 7 are now just under half way through their time with us - I cannot believe that in 5 weeks we will be preparing to say our goodbyes! 


It’s been a good week here, the pups are now being weaned and have been loving their raw food. It's lovely to see them starting to get excited when they see me coming with their bowl.


Litter box training has been going well - how we start to teach the puppies to use a litter tray is by making most of their pen the litter tray with a small place for the puppies to sleep and eat. The reason for this is that we want to catch most of the wees and poos in the litter tray than anywhere else. Normally is takes about a week or two for puppies to start associating the litter tray with going to the loo and then we start to see the puppies actively seek the litter tray out. When we start to see the puppies seek the tray out to go to the loo we can start to increase the size of the pen and move the litter tray furthest away from their bed. 


The puppies are becoming more aware of new surroundings, they become excited and intrigued when they see people, they are now starting to wag their little tails and make noise in excitement too. They enjoy coming out of the pen for a good cuddle and play, normally choosing to nestle into my lap. 


Although they are still sleeping a lot, they are more active during the day and rough and tumble play with each other is now building up. Their puppy teeth have just popped through their gums - 28 shiny white teeth! 


Puppies go through several teething stages between now and a year old, but these new ‘puppy teeth’ (which are super sharp may I add) will start to fall out and be replaced by 48 permanent adult teeth between the age of 4 - 9 months old. 


Smudge has continued to be a wonderful mummy, she has been showing them how to eat their food and keeps guard of them when other dogs are near. She is still regularly feeding them but is choosing to spend time away from them in the day. 


This week we have been introducing some new and scarier sounds to the puppies. From the moment their ears start to clear we play sound desensitisers to the pups to get them used to some every day noises. Some some of the new sounds that we are introducing to the puppies will include fireworks, dogs barking, children playing and busy road traffic. 


Click here to the link for some of the sounds we use for the puppies - it would be a great idea for you to carry this on in your own home once your puppy has arrived. 

Emma xx

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