Ten Weeks Old

Ten Weeks Old


We are now officially on the count down until the pups leave us for their new homes.

We always personally feel a mixture of happy, sad and anxious. Happiness for the future of our babies, the thought of them with their lovely families and the adventures they will have together over the years. Sadness that our time with them is drawing to an end - 11 weeks seems to always fly by for us, and anxiousness at the thought of their first few days and weeks while they settle into their new routine.

It’s been so wonderful to have the opportunity to watch these puppies grow over the weeks. From the joys of watching Myrtle become a mummy for the third time, watching them open their eyes, learn how to walk, eat and play as well as get chosen by their owners. These puppies have been a delight to raise and we hope they will make their owners as happy as they have made us over the weeks.

Last Monday we had the pups final health test with our vet and their Nobivac DHP vaccination. Our vet will be providing our new owners with a letter of health that we pop into the puppies folder that you will take home.

This weekend we will be busily organising the final bits of the puppy packs, do have a read of the 'Going Home' page if you haven't done so already.

We have added some information onto Myrtles home page regarding flea and worm products. Please do take some time to read everything we have written, although not as exciting as buying items for your puppy, it is hugely important and you are likely to be challenged by your vet. Like with the vaccination questions, we will be asking you some questions below about flea and worm products for the access code to view the pups video.


For week tens video code, please read all the information provided about flea and wormer, you can find this information on Myrtle's litters home page. 

Once you have read the information, please email or text us the following answers to the questions below. We will then provide you with the code to access the videos :


1. At what age do we do a faecal sample test on our puppies to check for parasites?

2. Does flea and worm products 'prevent' your dog from getting parasites?

3. Can you name some of the health problems that are associated with regular use of pesticides?

3. What is the name of the toxic ingredient in the chewable parasite tablets Nexgard, Bravecto and Simparica?

4. Can you name three things that you can add to your dogs diet, that will naturally help against worms?

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